Vitamin shots

for health and vitality

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B Complex,

Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, Vitamin D and


Give your body a natural energy boost with a vitamin shot.


Our health boost shots are given directly into a muscle, which increases absorption and decrease any negative effects of taking orally.

Please note, these health boost shots are not suitable during pregnancy and for over 18's only.

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vitamin b12


Can help with immune function, energy levels, positive mood, mental clarity, deeper sleep, faster metabolism



Strengthen and repair hair, skin and nails, supports regulation of blood sugar, increase metabolism

vitamin c


Collagen production, energy levels, minimise  free radicals, anti-oxidant, boost immune system

vitamin d


regulates calcium and phosphate to keep bones, teeth and muscles healthy, supports immune system, helps with low mood

b complex


known as our fat burner it also supports the immune system, energy levels, skin health and healthy brain function

includes consultation and any prescriptions required