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Green Vegetables

After overcoming years of pain due to rheumatoid arthritis through diet and lifestyle changes, I decided to train at The College of Naturopathic Medicine in London as a naturopathic nutritional therapist.

My great passion is gut health as it was so important in my own healing.  In recent times the modern diet, soil depletion and stressful lifestyles all contribute to a compromised environment in our gut. 

I am trained both in naturopathic and science-led approaches which means I may team some of the oldest natural remedies with state of the art functional lab and DNA tests.

With the immune system at the forefront of everyone's mind at the moment, it has never been more important to take control of your health and make sure your internal terrain is as hostile to pathogens as possible.

I am passionate about the body's willingness to get itself better and my multi-discipline approach gives the body the best tools for the job.

I am a member of the British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine (BANT) which is seen as the gold standard for Nutritional Therapists.  I am also a member of the Association of Registered Colon Hydrotherapists (ARCH), the UK's oldest and largest association  for colon health.  I am registered with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) which was established with Department of Health funding and strictly regulates practitioners.

Amanda Loughney

Dip NNT, Dip CH, Cert SK, mBANT, mARCH, rCNHC

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