Frequently asked questions

What is Gravity colon hydrotherapy?

Gravity colon hydrotherapy uses the natural flow of gravity to introduce warm triple filtered water into the body via a small tube. It is a closed system which means there is no noise or smells. When the colon is filled, the water is allowed to flow out through a larger tube, bringing with it any loose debris. This process is repeted a number of times during the treatment which will last from 30 minutes to 1 hour. The result is a gentle flushing of the colon and loosening of old faecal matter. We use gravity rather than the pressure machine method as it has a reputation of being the most comfortable and gentle treatment.

What happens at the first session?

Before your treatment the therapist will discuss your personal health goals, medical history, explain the treatment and address any concerns or questions you may have. When you are comfortable the session will begin. You will be covered at all times. This will start with a very quick digital examination to check everything is ok and to lubricate the area. The speculum is then inserted no more than a couple of inches into the rectum, which is not painful just a bit weird, like doing a poo backwards. The therapist will then turn on the water and facilitate the fill and releases of water with you to slowly and gently loosen any gas or compacted waste matter in your colon and allow your body to release it. Once the treatment is finished, the water will be turned off, the speculum carefully removed and you will regain muscle control of the rectum, you will go straight to the toilet to let gravity do its work. The therapist will then discuss with you any recommendations and treatment plans.

What are the benefits of a colonic?

The colon is a major pathway for the body to release toxins. Emptying the colon relieves the core of the body from weight of retained waste and the pressure of built up gas. so you feel lighter, brighter and refreshed. This rapid emptying not only flattens the mid section and reduces bloating, but removes pressure on the skin and sinuses. Repetative treatments can also exercise and condition the colon increasing transit time and complete elimination. Regular colonics paired with clean eating can produce: Glowing vibrant skin Clear sinuses and allergy relief An efficient strong bowel Increased systemic detoxification

Does colon hydrotherapy help you lose weight?

Colon hydrotherapy can help with initial weight loss as it can relieve the colon of pounds of waste, however, long term weight loss is accomplished by pairing treatments with clean eating. We can help with you with that! Your therapist is also a BANT registered nutritionist and loves to talk shop during your session. Alternatively a full nutritional consultation is available.

Does it hurt to get a colonic?

Colonics should not be painful they usually feel relieving and therapeutic. Many people find the treatment relaxing. Sometimes, depending on the levels of toxic matter and compaction, the first treatment can be uncomfortable as these toxins are stirred up and released. Some people experience nausea or cramping and a feeling of diarrhoea which is usually brief and passes quickly as the body releases toxins.

What should I do/eat after a colonic?

Depending on your results, you will be given exact instructions on what to eat and not eat for the following 24hrs. Strenuous exercise should be avoided for at least 12 hours after treatment. Hydration, raw juice and a short break from food is almost always recommended.

How will I feel after a colonic?

Most of my clients feel elevated and go right back to life or work directly after their session. Sometimes a treatment can require some relaxation due to the huge detoxifying effect of releasing toxins, but this is less common. The bowel may take one or two days to fill up again and normal bowel movements return. Some water is absorbed through the bowel during treatment so you may find increased urination for a few hours.

What should I do to get the most out of my colonic? Is there any preperation?

Preperation is key to maximising your session. Increase water consumption to 1.5-2 litres for a few days before and cut out tea, coffee and alcohol as much as possible. if you are constipated, take 2 heaped teaspoons of linseeds per day for a few days before. Two days before treatment avoid eating processed foods and increase fresh fruits and vegetables. Fasting for at least 4 hours before the treatment is recommended as it can make the treatment more comfortable and the body is not digesting at the same time as trying to detox. However, there are plenty of clients who do not prepare and still get the job done with great results. Try your best, but dont feel pressure to make it perfect.

How frequently should I have a colonic?

It depends on what your goals are. If a client is working through various issues it may require multiple or ongoing sessions. Deposits build up over a lifetime and cannot be removed with one treatment. We will usually recommend 3 colonics fairly close together, depending on your bowel condition. As removing the burden of waste from the body brightens the skin, eyes and flattens the belly, we have some clients that come monthly to maintain that clean glow.

Can I do colonics when I have a period?

Yes, its a personal choice

Can I have a colonic when pregnant?

No, its better to wait until after the birth.

Does the bowel get lazy if you have a lot of colonics?

No, in fact the internal massage provided by the colonic, the variation in water temperature and the release of compacted matter will help train and tone the muscles of the bowel.

Do colonics wash out all the good bacteria in the bowel?

Loose and transient bacteria living in the colon will be expelled ( including the less disirable putrefactive bacteria and parasites). With the removal of accumulated waste and the resulting improvement in bowel function good bacteria will have a better chance to thrive. We recommend taking a probiotic after a colonic.

Are colonics safe?

Unlike a colonoscopy, colonic hydrotherapy does not carry any risk of damage to the bowel due to the low pressure of water against the colon wall and the very small blunt device which is introduced a short distance into the rectum. Ony single use disposable equipment is used and our qualified practitioners are trained to the highest standards of hygine.

Can anyone have a colonic?

There are a few people who are advised not to have colon hydrotherapy. Common examples would be people with: Uncontrolled high blood pressure Severe anaemia Rectal bleeding Heart disease Strangulated abdominal or inguinal hernias Fissures or fistulas Kidney failure/insufficiency Bowel or rectal cancer Liver disease Colitis / Crohn's disease GI haemorrhage/perforation If in any doubt, please discuss with your doctor.