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colon hydrotherapy

why colon cleansing is the key to optimal health

The gut is commonly referred to as the second brain, which is why at The Clinic we believe better health starts with a well functioning digestive system.

When the digestive system gets overloaded and sluggish, the rest of the body suffers as we are no longer able to detoxify effectively and therefore opens up the body to greater risk of disease, inflammation, infection, parasites and harmful invaders.

This toxicity can affect us anywhere in the body once it has broken through a damaged gut wall, toxins, yeasts and parasites can travel freely through the blood stream and create symptoms  in the brain and throughout the body.

By cleansing the colon regularly and taking the necessary steps to reduce toxic load in the body, you will find your energy and vitality increases and your overall health vastly improved.  We are able to better process emotions, fuel our bodies and live life to the fullest if we have a healthy gut which leads to a happy mind.

Wherever you are on your personal health journey, colon hydrotherapy and detoxification can help restore the body back into balance leaving you feeling lighter, refreshed and revitalised from the inside out.

Our clinic incorporates many modalities of healing in our treatments, including the use of massage, essential oils, herbs and acupressure.

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what is colon hydrotherapy?

Colon hydrotherapy is not a new idea; in fact it has been carried out for thousands of years by many different cultures and is a safe and effective way of naturally cleansing the colon of built up toxicity and harmful waste material.

Sometimes called colonics or colonic irrigation, it involves the controlled, gentle rinsing of the colon with warm water via the rectum to remove accumulated waste.

The process allows the body to better absorb and digest vital nutrients, redone and reshape the colon, eliminate parasites and improve bowel function.  Colonic treatments are both highly effective and relaxing, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and healthier without the use of chemicals or drugs.

bowel health is essential for achieving and maintaining optimal health.  If neglected, it can lead to an overload of toxic waste and an increased risk of disease with these toxic materials getting reabsorbed into the blood stream.

At The Clinic we have a custom built treatment room  with the latest in water filtration systems to administer gravity colonics.  Gravity colonics use the natural flow of gravity to introduce water into the body rather than using  a pressurised machine to unnaturally force water into the colon.


 As each individual is unique, using the gravity system enables greater flexibility to customise each treatment to produce a much more gentle and truly bespoke experience.  An experienced therapist is with you throughout the treatment adapting to the way your body is reacting with by adding massage, herbs etc to get the most out of your treatment. 

We use single use disposable equipment and the room is thoroughly disinfected between clients

what can colonics help with?

  • Relieves constipation by softening and removing hardened waste matter

  • Eliminates gas and bloating

  • Improves colon muscle tone and function

  • Increases digestive function and nutrient absorption

  • Increases energy and vitality

  • Eliminates parasites, bad bacteria and fungi

  • Improves immunity and overall wellbeing

  • Improves mental clarity and concentration

  • Relieves emotional stress and anxiety

  • Detoxifies the liver and blood

  • Improves skin clarity

  • Fully re-hydrates the body

  • Creates space for new beginnings and emotional release

  • Increases metabolism and weight loss

  • Reduces cravings

  • Decreases risk of colon cancer

  • Reduces overall toxicity in the body

  • Leaves you feeling relaxed, refreshed and revitalised


what to expect when having a colonic

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