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21 day nutritional reset 

everything you need a a convenient package


This package is ideal if you feel you have picked up a few unhealthy habits and don't know here to start to clean things up.

Recent scientific discoveries have uncovered a fascinating ecosystem within each of us called the microbiome. This complex network of bacteria, fungi, and microflora reside primarily in the gut and impact the health of virtually every system in the human body. The microbiome accounts for 90% of the cells that create YOU. These cells can work for you or against you.

The primary objective of this program is to begin microbiome purification, in conjunction with a nutritious diet of proteins and vegetables. With the reduced consumption of simple carbohydrates and sugars, your microbiome will be better empowered by the healthy nutrition that stimulates optimal performance


Included is 30-45 minute consultation where we discuss the results you want, talk through the package and take lots of measurements to help us get a starting point.  You then leave with a full set of instructions of what to take and when, a comprehensive food list of do's and don'ts and 5 supporting supplements to help make it as easy as possible.

This package is a great starting point if you think some less than healthy habits have gotten out of control and you feel like a reset would be helpful.  The kit is also available as a standalone if support and meal plans are not required.


salmon with lemons

 benefits of the programme

  • healthy weight loss

  • slimmer waist 

  • cleanses the digestive tract

  • free from bloating

  • curb sugar gravings

  • increased energy

  • improved mood

  • improved mood

  • reduced aches and pains

  • improved skin

  • supporting digestive health

  • supports circulation and heart health

  • improves sports performance and recovery

  • rebalances the gut microbiome


The 21 day nutritional reset programme includes

1. Messaging support

2. Supportive online community

3. Full meal plans for the 21 days

4. Two one to one coaching appointments

5. The purify kit with 5 supporting supplements

6. Results

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