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We are a multi-disciplined health studio in Glasgow's West End with a particular interest in gut health.  Our aim is to help you take back control of your health and well being

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Todays world is very different to the one our traditional healers would have seen, so it is not unfair to question if these traditional naturopathic techniques can work with todays problems.  


With autoimmune diseases on the increase, ADHD, cancers and heart problems are all at a level not seen in our traditional herbalist or homeopath's time it is becoming increasingly difficult to rely on a single remedy or herb or indeed modality to support such complex pictures.


Thats why at the clinic we offer a wide range of therapies; herbs, homeopathy, nutrition, iridology, kinesiology and naturopathic practices which can be booked as a standalone treatment or used together to create a truly bespoke and powerful treatment plan.

Health is so much more than absence of disease, its feeling your best physically, mentally and spiritually which is why we don't focus on the disease, we work from a detailed timeline of your life to find the root cause


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14, Crow Road


G11 7RT

0141 3787947

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